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How To Tell If He Really Loves You

Love isn’t fickle – it’s strong and it’s obvious. But some girls just don’t get it. Here is how to tell if your man is in love with you or not.

The phrase, “I love you” doesn’t have to be said to know your man loves you. And love is different for every couple but there will be a moment when he’ll do something or say something that knocks you in the gut and lets you know he truly loves you. This goes beyond buying you gifts or spending money on you.

This is all about him doing something small and showing you he really cares about you. He can show you by the way he treats you. If a man really cares about you, he’ll find everything you do or say to be adorable. Maybe you pronounce a word wrong, or are bad at telling jokes or sound funny when you sneeze. Whatever your quirk is, he will find it enduring and amazing. It’s the things about you that make you unique that he find charming and sexy.

When you realize he finds your habits and quirks adorable, you might just realize that this man truly loves you. Another sign that he loves you is in the way he talks about you in public. Do you have mutual friends that always tell you your guy was praising you or talking about your accomplishments? That’s a sign that he is proud of you, proud to date you and loves you. Another tip off is how he treats you when you are sick.

If a man will hold your hair while you toss your cookies in a toliet, or bring you tea or soup when you are bed ridden with Scarlett-Malaria-Mad-Cow Disease, that’s a sure sign he loves you. When a man loves a woman, he cherishes her and supports her and wants to help her. A man who loves a woman will think she is the most beautiful woman and he will always see her in the best light. Even when that light is early morning after a late night and you didn’t remove your makeup. If your guy finds you beautiful and irresistible in all your ways, he really loves you.

You have dealbreakers. We all do. Something about you is a deal breaker for someone else. Except someone in love with you. For him, nothing else matters. He can keep his hands off you, but neither of you want that. He’s as turned on by you when you’re naked as you aren’t. He shows you off to his friends. The relationship just works. No drama. He’s okay with you wearing comfortable underwear around him. He’s seen you with no makeup on and still thinks you’re hot. He’s met your family and hasn’t gone into the witness relocation program.

If he’s seen you naked, physically, it’s one thing. But seeing you naked emotionally, that’s huge. If he’s seen you stripped emotionally bare and is still there. That’s a big sign he loves you. He will kill spiders for you and sits through chick flicks. He wants to do this. Because you like them and he wants to make you happy.

It’s important to note that I’m talking about actions here. Many guys aren’t comfortable with emotions and many of their friends will give them shit if they express that. It’s okay to bitch about your wife, but not tell everyone how great she is and how much you love her, etc. That will get you cockpunched. Not fair, I admit, but it is what it is. More often than not a man will show his love to you. You have to pay attention.

It may not be expressed in flowers, but practical ways like buying you new tires. Why would he do that? Because he doesn’t want you to die in a car accident. Romantic? In his own way it is. Be patient, he will warm up to the verbal message you crave. Drop hints. Say “I love you” first. That may free him up to say it.

You probably already know if he loves you or not. Does he take care of you when you’re sick? Is he nice to you when he knows he’s not going to get laid? Things like this are important. No guy who’s just trying to get a blowjob from you or maybe a little anal sex will do that. If he’s just in it for the sex, then he’s probably going to treat you like crap when you’re not…well, having sex. He may avoid you, or ask to have sex all the time. If he really cares about you, he’s going to dig spending time with you no matter what you’re doing.



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