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If she does not do these 5 things for you, let her go

In every romantic relationship you find yourself in, guys, it is never enough for love, affection and effort to flow from just one side to the other – usually from yours to hers.

Some women are content to be takers, either giving nothing back or offering too little in return, compared to what they get from their romantic unions.

It’s about time you got better from your relationship, too. So you should let any woman go who refuses to do for you, any of the five things listed below.

Men deserve to be spoilt, too. Don’t settle for less.

1. Doesn’t spoil you

Really, men deserve to be spoilt, too. And while this does not take away from the duty you owe your woman to spoil and make her feel like a queen at all times, it still needs to be said that you, too, need pampering, surprise dates, visits to exotic places, and other affordable comforts that tallies with your present position in life.

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