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If You Do These 5 Things, He Will Never EVER Cheat On You

We all want trust in our relationships—to give it and to receive it. Few things are worse than finding out you cannot trust your partner, or that they are unreasonably jealous which can drive your partner away. Often, relationships don’t survive it.

You can make your relationship strong enough, however, that when tough times come, you won’t have to worry about your partner turning to someone else—they will rally behind you because you are their best friend as well as their lover.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure your relationship with your partner is cheat-proof

1. Never go to bed mad.

Good communication is one of those things everyone tells you to work on, and it’s key to a great relationship. However, adults with their own opinions are eventually going to disagree—sometimes strongly. The key is to take care of it before it becomes a relationship killer.

Make a rule between the two of you: you will solve it before you go to bed. Even if you have to “agree to disagree” and discuss it later when cooler heads may be able to see both sides, don’t let it fester.


2. When you do fight, stick to the issue.

When there are arguments—and there will be—keep the discussion on the behavior you are unhappy with and how it makes you feel. Never say, “You always…..” and never attack the other person personally.

For example, if you know your partner is insecure about her weight, mentioning it when you are angry about another issue will leave her feeling unhappy and insecure. And it probably doesn’t have anything to do with why you are angry.

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