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Jay Z And Beyonce: Power Couple’s Luxury Lifestyle

There’s only something about power couples and there are few more powerful than Jay Z and Beyonce. Here we reveal their staggering net worth as well as some of the luxuries they’re able to enjoy. It is reported that Beyoncé and Jay Z are both worth N453 billion. This means; While Jay Z’s net worth N326 billion, queen bee is doing great sitting on N128.8 billion.

This musical couple has earned their riches fundamentally through music royalties, album sales and live performances. They both have noteworthy stakes in music spilling administration Tidal, and Jay Z has stakes in Armand de Brignac champagne and D’ussé cognac. With an expected total assets of N326 billion, the majority of Jay Z’s riches originates from his promotions organization, Roc Nation.

He’s additionally put resources into Jetsmarter and marked a 10-year, N72.6 billion contract with Live Nation a year ago. Then, Beyonce has an expected total assets of N128.8 million. Her Formation World Tour earned N90.7 million, and she has a line of exercise clothing and an on-request vegan dinner service.

There are very few things their money can’t buy. With a combined fortune in excess of N453 billion, the world is their oyster. Jay Z in particular boasts a magnificent range of luxury sports cars. One of their lavish homes features no less than 4 pools. Based on the vacation pics shared, it seems the couple puts a premium on beautiful scenery. CARS

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