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Kim Kardashian does makeup for “dead body” in mortuary, claiming to be “obsessed with death”

Kim Kardashian has taken her love for makeup to another level by trying out makeup on the face of a “dead person” in a mortuary.

The makeup entrepreneur insisted she was “obsessed

” with death in the latest episode of her family’s reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and expressed her interest in becoming a mortuary makeup artist. Her obsession landed her in a morgue where she got a lesson from a professional on how to do makeup for the dead.

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Kim looked slightly pale as mortician Amber Carvaly taught her how they embalm people.

Taking to the camera, Kim said: “I know death is a really morbid topic, but I’m, like, obsessed. I just want to prepare myself for when that time comes and also try to not make it such a morbid, scary thing. Death is a natural part of life — like, I’m totally at peace with my father’s passing. And I just want the same thing for other people.”

Watch the video below.



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