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LADIES: 5 Ways To Flirt Like You’re The Romantic Queen Of Ye Olden Time

Ways To Flirt Like You're The Romantic Queen

Ways To Flirt – Marie Antoinette may have been wrong about cake, but when it came to how to flirt, she was so right. In many respects, olden times were the worst.

They were great at flirting, but stuff like curing ear infections and letting women have jobs — not so much.

Am I saying I want to go back to a time where women wore pads of horsehair and slept sitting up to preserve their impressive hairdos? Or live in an age where recreation was found by watching a hoop roll down a dusty road?

No. Because I am not insane.

That said, ye olden times were dope as hell if you were a romantic.

Today if you have a crush on someone, flirting is just going to the same bar as them and getting drunk enough to see if they will suck on your tongue. If they aren’t, you go on the internet and send winking emojis in the hopes of receiving a dick pic or an invitation to an awkward brunch.

That would never fly in olden times.

Even in the wild west, cowboys knew how to woo.

Just ask any prostitute and she would be sure to show you the wilting bouquet of daisies her beloved had procured for her.

Just because we don’t live in the olden days, that doesn’t mean we can’t flirt like we do. I’ve compiled a list of items that will help you flirt like an OG OG. It doesn’t get more OG than that.

1. Invest in a fan.

Forget flipping your hair or making meaningful eye contact. Back in the day women knew the right way to flutter their hand fans to get a fellow’s attention. There was literally an entire language dedicated to learning how to say “Lol, bae u crazy” but with a fan.

This tip is great also if you are going through the change of life.

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