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Ladies: 10 Types Of Guys You Need To Stop Dating, If You Don’t Want To Remain Single Forever!


Types Of Guys You Need To Stop Dating – Your future happiness is in YOUR hands. Do you want to date a partner that sticks around, rubs his hands through your hair and loves you right because it makes him feel like a king? I hope so. Do you want someone to hold you tight in his arms every single night just because he wants to? Can I get a hell yeah!?

If you want a man like this (yes, they do exist!), stop what you’re doing right now, and listen.

Stop dating and waiting around for unavailable men. That’s it.

After all, not all men are cheaters or purposely set on hurting you, so make sure the man you’re chasing is worth it and not one of these emotionally or physically unavailable guys.

First, don’t waste your time on PHYSICALLY unavailable men. 

The physically unavailable man is, well … not in your vicinity or in your life, so there’s that. I’m not against long-distance relationships at all, but if the man you love lives in a different country (or even a different state) and you are living paycheck to paycheck, it can make seeing each other almost impossible.

This 3000-mile-away guy might be the man of your dreams … but in reality, he is only your fantasy.

If the two of you never plan date number two (or never even HAVE date number one), he is what I call, a “cyber soul mate” — so unless you want to spend the rest of your life cuddling with a body pillow and Skyping with the man of your dreams, you better keep on looking.

Then, know how to spot a man that is EMOTIONALLY unavailable.

“What do they look like,” you ask? They look like normal guys. They look like your neighbor. They could look like Burt Reynolds, your UPS guy, or the smoking hot dude from Tinder.

BUT, here are 10 surefire ways you CAN spot an emotionally unavailable man — so you can cut your losses early before you and your heart gets all wrapped up in his thrill seeking, heat seeking, um, body parts:

1. He stands you up.

This is one is easier to spot than an albino tiger in the wild, and I know it hurts. But be thankful that he did it on your first date and not when you’re waiting at the altar.

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