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Man Dressed As ‘Devil’ Jumps Over Babies In Broad Daylight To Bring Good Luck (Photos)

A man who was dressed as ‘devil’ has been spotted jumping over little babies in a strange tradition designed to ‘bring good luck’.

A man in a devil outfit jumps over babies in a bizarre centuries-old Spanish tradition.

The infants were placed on mattresses in the street in the northern village of Castrillo de Murcia, near Burgos.

The infants were placed on mattresses in the street

Men dressed as devils then ran up and leapt over them to bring them good luck.

The annual ceremony, known as El Salto del Colacho, dates back to 1620.

The jump is supposed to bring the babies good luck

It is held to celebrate the Catholic feast of Corpus Christi and represents the triumph of Christianity over evil.

Source: The Sun UK



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