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Mum’s breastfeeding selfie has gone viral (Photo)


A mum’s breastfeeding selfie has gone viral for shaming people who stare at her disapprovingly and reported her to Facebook for posting such photos on her own page.
Jennifer posted a photo showing that Facebook alerted her that someone had reported her breastfeeding selfie for nudity.

She wrote: “So y’all post half naked pics but want to report a pic of me breastfeeding my child? Hilarious.”

Jennifer Taylor then posted a photo of her staring into the camera while breastfeeding her young daughter.
She posted the photo on Facebook and captioned it:

“My face when people stare at me feeding my child.

“Females walk around with their titties damn near popping out their shirt for attention, but the moment I pull my breast out to feed my daughter it’s a problem?

“Mind your own tits b*****s and let me nourish my daughter.”



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