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Paris attacks: French National anthem to be sang by all Premier League clubs

Britain England France Soccer Paris AttacksEnglish clubs will sing the French national anthem across all stadiums this weekend, Premier League bosses have confirmed. The anthem will take place prior to the coin toss, with teams coming together in the centre circle, along with the match officials, facing the main stand.

It should be noted that about 72 French players play in the premier league.

The choral version of La Marseillaise will represent a show of ‘solidarity and remembrance’ according to English Premier league chief Richard Scudamore. He said:

“Given how close we are as well as the long-standing relationship that exists between the Premier League and France, playing La Marseillaise as an act of solidarity and remembrance is the right thing to do. We were all saddened and deeply shocked by the events in Paris last Friday, and the fact it was an attack on people enjoying their everyday freedoms like going to a bar, a concert or a football match resonates with football fans and the general public throughout the UK”



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