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Should You Date Someone Who Still Lives With Their Parents?

Should you date a person who still lives with their parents, or should you call the date off without getting to know them? What is the right thing to do?

You’ve met someone. You like them. They like you. You really hit it off. But there’s a small problem. They live at home. With their parents. And they aren’t in college anymore. Should you date them? Should you kick them to the curb?


Female Perspective


Yes, but if it is a temporary living situation. Lots of men (and women) are forced to move back in with their parents for different reasons but that doesn’t mean that they are a loser. People get laid off, people get out of relationships and sometimes they need to shack up with mom and dad for a few weeks. Things happen, but if a guy lives at home and is adamant about getting out soon or knows it is only temporary then cut him some slack.

If you meet a great guy who happens to be in between jobs then that’s okay. The key is that he knows he needs to be constantly looking for a better job and has drive and passion. If this guy never left home (and he is over 21) then you should not date him! If he spends all day on the couch playing video games and has his mom dad his laundry you should not date him!! Your life is not a romantic comedy and he is not Matthew McConaughey. You should have the instinct to know if he is a loser or not and living at home should not be an immediate red flag. His way of handling it should be.

You can’t fault him for getting laid off or needing to be home to help an ailing parent. And he should talk about getting out there, on his own feet and actually do things that prove he is trying. Dating a guy who has had some financial problems but has passion is a lot better then dating a guy who has his own place but is a douche bag.

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