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Here is why your discharge is brown ladies

There comes a time in most women's lives when she looks down at her underwear and wonders, What the actual eff is that?! Okay, maybe that's a little extreme. But weird-colored vaginal discharge can seriously freak you TF out-especially…

8 Diets that will make Your B00bs Bigger Today

It is no surprising, that  a lot of women desire bigger Brea5ts today and would love to be in the D-cup size. To achieve this, some women go to the extreme for surgeries and implants. It is, however, good to know that a woman who desires…

Aloe Vera Can Cure Over 50 Diseases

Aloe Vera is a powerful healing plant which has been used since ancient times. Egyptians called it “the plant of immortality” thanks to its many health benefits. Nowadays, we mainly use Aloe gel against minor cuts and wounds as well as skin…