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The #1 Secret To Flirting

Don’t Suck Up To Women

Women are constantly interpreting men’s actions and the words they say. Their minds are always analyzing your moves in order to better understand your intentions. But if you can keep a woman guessing by being playful, challenging, fun and mysterious, you are much more likely to engage her very quickly. Observe how these two situations compare and differ.
Negative Interpretation

HE JUST said:, “Wow, you’re really beautiful.”
SHE INTERPRETS THIS AS: He’s only interested in me physically because he doesn’t even know anything about me. I don’t like him.
RESULT: She’s repelled.

Woman’s Positive Interpretation

HE JUST: Poked his tongue out at me!

SHE INTERPRETS THIS AS: He’s very confident, mysterious, funny, secure, in control, hard to get, playful, and really fun! He’s not just interested in my looks because he’s not sucking up to me like all the other guys. In fact, I’m not even sure if he is interested in me. I’m going to keep flirting with him and get to the bottom of this.

RESULT: She’s attracted.

Do you see how challenge attracts women? Now that you understand why this type of flirting is necessary, let’s look at more examples that can help you attract the sort of woman you are looking for. By learning verbal techniques and body language that works, other aspects of your personality will develop automatically, and transform you into the irresistible man women want to meet.
Woman’s Positive Interpretation

HE JUST SAID: “You look like a dork in that hat.”
SHE INTERPRETS THIS AS: He’s confident and independent. He’s not kissing up to me like all the other guys and he isn’t trying to get anything from me – or is he? I like him.
RESULT: She’s attracted.

Can you see how telling a woman that she looks like a dork can work so well? Why don’t women date men who desperately want them? Women don’t find these men challenging. They don’t find them “worth it.” What is not earned is not valued.

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