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The 3 All Time BEST Places To Meet Women

Dating is intimidating if you don’t know where to go to pick up chicks. You might have thought all hope was lost when you started wondering around bars and the like, hoping to see a girl you might want to get to know – chances were, you either didn’t find any chicks at all, or the ones you did find were ones you probably would only consider having a one night stand with. Leave dating anxiety behind and learn the three places that you’ll meet the most girls.


During The Day On Public Transportation

One of the best places to meet women is during the day on public transportation, such as the bus, the train or the subway. This works better if you’re in a large metropolitan area where public transportation is a part of daily life. Most guys who take the bus or subway to work and back sit reading a newspaper, or listening to music, without ever paying attention to what or who is around them. This is a big mistake! Next time you’re using public transportation, take your earbuds out and pay attention! Look for hot girls or ladies that you’d like to meet and get to know. You’ll be surprised – there are many of them!

Also, a woman is less on guard during the day (because she’s not in “dating” mode), so you’re likely to make a much stronger impression on her if you approach her when she’s not expecting it. When you approach a girl in a bar or a club setting at night, she is already on guard and is going to be a lot more selective of who she talks to and hangs out with. She’s more likely to turn you down or ignore you when she’s on guard in a situation like that. During the day, on the bus or train, it’s quieter than in a bar and you’ll be able to actually have a decent conversation and get to know a girl. It’s also more relaxed and friendly, so it requires less effort on your part to be smooth.

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