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The 3 Sex Positions That Lead To The MOST Intimate, Satisfying Sex

When it comes to sex, we often get so caught up in orgasms and “goal oriented” sex that we miss the mark. We are so busy trying to impress each other with our sexual prowess that we forget the simple pleasures of good old-fashioned, HOT sex!

These three basic sexual positions will bring you back to that space of connection and romance that inevitably leads to deeper satisfaction.

1. Missionary

Good old Missionary Position is one of the most romantic sex positions there is.

Face to face and heart to heart, it allows partners to intimately connect on a deeper and more meaningful level. The bodies are in alignment and easy entry into the vagina means you’re not angling for any acrobatics — you’re just focused on each other.

Partners are able to gaze into each other’s eyes, breathe together, take long passionate kisses, maintain body-to-body closeness, and synchronize their movements.

Take your time and enjoy the pose that makes penetration more satisfying, often leading to intense orgasms for women and men.

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