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The 4 REAL Reasons Why You’re Jealous As Hell (And How To Stop)

It’s not attractive…and it’s killing your relationship.

Jealousy is one of the things that can cause major rifts in a relationship. I call it the “Relationship Killer.”

Are you the one in the relationship that tends to get jealous? Is your partner jealous of you? Do you both display jealousy at different points in your relationship? Would you like to understand it better and know what to do?

First things first: You need to understand the causes of jealousy.

1. You feel insecure, whether you realize it or not.

The first cause of jealousy is a basic insecurity, which manifests as conscious or subconscious. When it’s conscious, you are aware of feeling “not good enough.” You don’t think you deserve your partner or a happy relationship. When it’s subconscious, you don’t entertain thoughts of being not good enough but you have subconscious CDs playing in your head about how you don’t deserve happiness.

Whenever your relationship starts to feel better than you think it should, you start engaging in self-sabotage, an expression of jealousy. You are just waiting for your partner to find someone better and leave you. Because you are ever-vigilant watching for the least sign of straying, you can drive yourself and your loved one crazy with your suspicions and accusations.
You are so sure he is going to cheat on you, so you keep a very close watch on every move he makes. You accuse him of things you can’t possibly know are true. You violate his privacy at every turn — checking his cell phone, reading his email, following him around town.

What can you do? STOP! Make a decision to trust your partner. Trust is a behavior; it’s something you do. Develop an internal dialogue you start to run whenever you are feeling jealous. Tell yourself you deserve happiness. You deserve a wonderful relationship. Your spouse or partner loves you. Out of all the people in the world, he chose you. Keep telling yourself these things until you believe them.

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