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The 5 Best Foreplay Moves To Really Turn Her On

Women are complicated creatures! There is no one foreplay move that works on all women nor do all women like the same things! What worked for your last girl might not work with your current girl – and that can be super frustrating if all you want to do is please her. (Oh, and that should be your main goal).

Although women are all different, here are some foreplay tips at work for most women most of the time…


Foreplay Tip #1 – Worship Her

You can do this anytime, all the time. Make her feel like the most important sexiest women in the world! Show her that you have never been with a more perfect woman. Praise her body, in every way. From her eyes to her boobs. You need to make her feel like a million dollars and let he know you feel like the luckiest man in the world to be able to touch her and kiss her.


Foreplay Tip #2 – Tease Her

Do not go straight for the honey!  Spend some time opening the jar.  IN other words, don’t go from kissing to sex right away, take your time and get her turned on.

Women need a lot more foreplay and longer foreplay then guys do so remember that even if you are ready to go she might need more kissing, more touching more more more! But the more you do the better it will feel to her because the longer you wait to have sex the more turned on she will be!  So tease her!

Even if she starts to beg, build her anticipation and really get her ready for you.

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