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The 5 Things You Do That Keep You From Following Your Dreams

We all have dreams — and not just the kind that go on when we are sleeping. Whether it’s regarding your career, relationship goals or educational achievements, dreams are something that even the least ambitious of us have.

They mean something different to everyone, and while some people just like to fantasize about them to get through math class, others are plotting and planning ways to make them come true.

Wondering why you haven’t fulfilled your dreams yet? Here are 5 things that you do that are holding you back:

1. You care too much about what other people think.

Caring about what other people think is one of the biggest ways put a hold on your dreams. When you worry about others opinions of you, it is easier to go along with what society deems acceptable for your life and career.

Since getting a 9-5 seems more practical than your dreams of hitchhiking around the country, you settle for that option so that no one will question your life choices.

Likewise, if you are so wrapped up in what others think about you, you are far more likely to avoid anything that may cause you to fail, be embarrassed or look bad. Unfortunately for you, making dreams come true involves taking risks, failing epically and on some occasions, embarrassing the hell out of yourself.
If you let go of concerns over what other people think, you will find the freedom to actually go after the things you want in life.

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