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These 6 Random Things Make You WAY Hotter, According To Science

What makes someone attractive? Their confidence? Humor? The way they light up any room they walk into? Well, yes, but those aren’t the only things. According to science, your favorite pair of sunnies is making you quite the hottie.

It turns out, the material things you’ll bring with you on your date, like your sunglasses, what perfume you’ll wear and whether or not you’re planning on shaving the day of actually makes you more attractive.

But there’s good news — we’re not talking about anything like Botox, boob jobs or 6-inch high heels. There’s actually a good chance you’re already wearing or using some of these accessories, beauty products and colors.

1. Sunglasses

Sporting shades will make you instantly more attractive to members of the opposite sex. Aside from the fact that it adds a little mystery to the mix and increases your sex drive, sunglasses make your face look more symmetrical — and according to previous studies, we’re all more attracted to people with symmetrical faces than misshapen ones.

Plus, who hasn’t seen that photo of Audrey Hepburn and thought, I want to be that girl? Just do us all a favor, though: keep the shades for outside use only, okay?


2. Perfume

Research from the Monell Chemical Sense Center found that women’s faces are rated as more attractive when those judging her are in the presence of pleasant odors. So, for the sake of doing everything but carrying around a bottle of Lysol disinfectant spray, just consider upping the spray count of your morning routine.

The researchers were also quick to point out that wearing perfume won’t make you look any younger, only prettier, and that attractiveness is more of an emotional process, while judging someone for their age stems from a rationally-based place.


3. Red lips

A study from Manchester University found that a woman’s lips are the most attractive part of her body, especially when she’s wearing red lipstick. According to the research, researchers noted that within 10 seconds of meeting a woman for the first time, guys are taking note of her lips — and spending more than half their time looking at them.

If a woman is wearing lipstick, men find it harder to look away. But before you pick the pink shade over the red, read this: Guys were more likely to keep staring for 7.3 seconds when girls used a red lipstick, while pink lips only guaranteed 6.7 seconds of his undivided attention.

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