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These are signs that you may be dating the wrong person

We all make mistakes even with relationships, and experience has shown that not everyone gets it right in love.

And sometimes it’s OK to make these mistakes and realise that they are things to never be repeated. It is not wrong to make mistakes so far lessons are taken from them.

So you are wondering whether you made the right decision with your partner, or if you chose wrongly, here are few ways to know.

1. They are lacking in too many areas

Of course, perfection is really scarce, and this suggests that there will be something about your boo or bae that you’d love them to change or improve.

If, however, the list of what you want your partner to change is really lengthy, this means there is a huge possibility of arguments, complaints and discontent in the relationship.

You might need to ask yourself if you should still be dating them, really.

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2. Unfavorable comparisons to your ex

When you find yourself constantly comparing your lover with your ex, even though you have been together for a number of months or more, then you could be dating the wrong person.

While many people will say that comparison with your ex is quite inevitable, the real problem arises when your present partner falls short of the standard set by your former partner.

I mean, there’s a reason you broke up with your ex, and if your present partner is actually lower in standard than someone you had to let go of, what does that say about him/her?

In fact, this could even be a huge sign that you’re not over your ex.

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