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Top 10 Highest Paid Female Athletes Of 2016 [+Photos]

Highest Paid Female Athletes

Highest Paid Female Athletes – Wages earned by female athletes in today’s world has been a hot topic discussed on sports shows and among fans and analysts via social media websites such as Twitter for some time. The topic made national headlines in the United States earlier this year when it was learned that United States Women’s National Team stars had accused U.S. Soccer of what those players deemed to be “wage discrimination.” There are several factors, beyond wins and losses, that affect how athletes are paid. Media rights deals, tournament prizes and revenue generated are a few of the variables that could explain why certain athletes make more money than others.

One thing known for sure, per the information provided by Forbes in the spring of 2016, is that women’s tennis still sits atop the figurative mountain as it pertains to the highest paid female athletes in the world. The highest paid female athlete on the planet this past year also happens to be the best women’s player in the world, the best women’s player of her generation and probably, all things considered, the best female tennis player in history. That woman has also done well to expand beyond the world of tennis, as she has business endeavors waiting for her whenever she decides to hang her racket up once and for all.

10. Eugenie Bouchard: $6.2 Million Earnings


It was not all that long ago when Eugenie Bouchard seemed to be the next big thing in women’s tennis. Bouchard made it to the 2014 Wimbledon Final, and, even though she lost, it appeared that it would only be a matter of time before Bouchard became a Grand Slam champion. That has not yet been the case, however, as injury woes and also a lack of form have seen Bouchard drop down the rankings. Bouchard nevertheless has working relationships with multiple companies, and she is still only 22 years old. The future remains bright for Bouchard.

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