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Top 10 Ugliest Rappers Of All Time [+Photos]

ugliest rappers of all time

Ugliest Rappers Of All Time – When it comes to the traditional ideal man as “tall, dark, and handsome”, most rappers do not fit the bill. However, what they don’t deliver in looks, they can always make up for with their money. Luckily for these rappers, they can get in a studio and deliver music which reaches the ears of millions before it reaches their eyes.

But when the song is so good, nobody seriously cares about what the rapper may look like. If you aren’t blind sighted by images of stacks of money and flashy jewelry when watching a typical rap video, then the scantily-dressed and beautiful models surely will distract you.

Rappers are rarely, if ever, pressured to be handsome or sexy. Some rappers are even characterized and famous simply because of their distinguished look rather than by their music. But, the beauty and art behind any craft is being able to express yourself– flaws and all. Fortunately, with fame comes money. And with money comes groupies. Attractive or not, these rappers are winning either way. But, don’t take it from me, these rappers have been ridiculed publicly for looking less than their R&B counterparts.

10. Flavor Flav


To kick off the list is Public Enemy’s very own, Flavor Flav. Flavor Flav has been credited as being so unattractive that Comedy Central even dedicated a roast to him in 2007 when comedians all took turns making fun of the rapper. During the roast, comedian Jimmy Kimmel took a jab at Flav saying: “Flav, I don’t know how old you are but you don’t look good. When I first saw you sitting up there, I thought it was an open casket memorial for James Brown”. Ouch! But don’t let the ugly looks deceive you. Long after he was “fighting the power”, he had ladies lined up literally fighting for his love when he debuted his reality show, Flavor of Love. The love for Flav was so real, he garnered a total of 3 seasons; all of which had dozens of women falling in love with his…ummm charm?

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