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Top 12 Hottest Australian Models You’ve Got To See [+Photos]


Australian Models – We can’t say for sure there is something special in the Australian waters, but some thing’s for certain, some of the most beautiful women in the world are born on the island continent. While a relatively small continent nation in terms of population, Australia has long been one of the modeling superpowers of the world.

Where countries like Russia, Japan, Brazil and the United States win the beauty awards in part due to the statistic probability of having a lot of beautiful women among their high populations, Australia doesn’t have numbers on its side.

While we are apparently no longer in the age of the Supermodel, it often seems like some of the most well-known models in the Western world hail from Australia. Not only do they walk along the Victoria’s Secret runways, they appear in your favourite films and date the world’s biggest movie stars. Australia, for lack of a better word, is subtly taking over the entertainment industry through wealth of beauty they have been blessed with – we can’t say we’re complaining either! Considering how many of these models got their start on reality TV, it almost makes us want to tune into the next Australia’s Next Top Model. For, um, research.

The Australian modeling world is brimming with so much talent that choosing just fifteen models barely scratches the surface of what the country has to offer. Be sure to include your favourite models in the comments and let us know who you think we might have missed.

12. Montana Cox

via gq.com

One of the younger models on this list, Montana Cox won the cycle 7 for Australia’s Next Top Model. Famous for her soft, natural beauty Montana Cox immediately caught the attention of prospective photographers and casting agents. She was the perfect blend of sexy sophisticate and gentle youth. After winning the show, her career really took off and she has found worldwide success. Still quite young, she has yet to fully live up to the promise that she would become a Supermodel, but she has nonetheless appeared as the representative of a number of brands, walked runways all over the world and graced the pages of respected magazines.

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