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Top 15 Hottest Japanese Models With Banging Bodies [+Photos]


Japanese Models – Japan is one of the biggest nations in the world for modeling. Not only is there a huge national industry, but around the world aspiring models and recruitment centers send off their promising future stars to the country in order to train to become one of the world’s best. Getting on the cover of Vogue Japan still stands as one of the biggest honors in the world of modeling, it’s a huge and artistically challenging market.

Some of the most beautiful women in the world are from Japan, so it’s not surprising that they have some of the world’s most stunning models. While many of them work in the high fashion industry, there is also a huge market for glamour and commercial modeling too. So, there is a huge diversity of models that you might not necessarily expect. Some have achieved international fame, while some are better known at home. Regardless, learning from models from around the world is the best kind of stay-cation.

Unlike models from other countries, in Japan it almost seems like a prerequisite that you diversify your interests. It’s incredibly rare that a model will be known primarily for her editorial or glamour work. Nearly every model on this list also works on television, in music or in another arena of popular culture. We kinda love the idea, since it means that most of these girls are more than just a pretty face and really bring something new to the table.

This is just a small selection of our very favorite models from Japan. We would love to know who your favorites are.

15. Miyako Miyazaki

via www.missosology.info

Like many Japanese models, Miyako Miyazaki got her start in pageants. In 2003 she won the Miss Universe Japan competition and represented her country in the Miss Universe competition that year, making it to the top five. She was named the sexiest women alive that year as well. Since then her career has only flourished and she’s come to represent major brands all over the world. When Miyako Miyazaki is not modeling, she has a huge passion for literature and has an arts degree. Her overall look is sleek and elegant, though she clearly has a wild streak. Her presence at Miss Universe was particularly disputed, as some felt that a last minute change to a more conservative costume (she preferred something more ostentatious) lost her a chance at a higher position.

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