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Top 15 Hottest Pictures Of Ariana Grande – #1 Will Make Your Eyes Pop Out!

Hottest pictures of Ariana Grande

Hottest pictures of Ariana Grande – New kid on the block, the young singer and lyricist Ariana Grande, has already made her way into the grand realm of stardom. Even though she is still young, Grande began her career in the distant 2008 in the role of a cheerleader in the Broadway musical 13. 


Her breakthrough followed soon after with her landing the part of Cat Valentine in the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious. The series lasted for a total of four seasons and she has since appeared in other film and television roles, as well as been the voice of several animated characters.

But what she is obviously better known for is her professional image as a popular singer. That, and the characteristic ponytail, cat ears she seems to be wearing everywhere she goes, her strong voice and controversial diva attitude that has really started to get on the nerves of some of her fellow celebrities. Her transformation from sweet, slightly chubby Nickelodeon kid-star, to stunning, skinny and hot singer apparently took its toll on her behavior towards others. Even her life coach had reportedly had enough of her arrogance and high-maintenance attitude to the point where he simply walked away from the job.

Be that as it may, we can’t deny that Ariana Grande is still quite a treat for the eye and she’s grown up to be a fantastic-looking woman. In this list we’ve gathered 15 of her hottest moments captured on camera, and we have to admit – singling those shots out from the multitude of near-perfect photos of her wasn’t easy.

15. Selfie on Instagram

via instagram

Could a list featuring a young star like Ariana Grande in the age of social media possibly be considered complete without including her selfie? We didn’t think so either. And thankfully, she’s provided her fans with quite a few teasing shots. Like this one, where she’s organically incorporated it all: the wink, the big beautiful doe eye, some cleavage and the scattered hair.

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