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Top 5 Ways To Keep Your Woman Happy

A relationship takes some effort to stay fulfilling. For guys, keeping a girl happy can be tough. You’ve got yourself an amazing woman, and even more amazingly, she’s happy with you! Congratulations, grasshopper! But that was the easy part. Finding a girl and making her happy, anyone can do that. KEEPING her happy, that’s the rub. Here are five ways to make sure she stays satisfied:


Female Perspective

1. Take her on romantic date nights.
2. Offer to help (and follow through on said offer) with cooking and cleaning.
3. Thoughtful gifts – diamonds are always good!
4. Remain faithful and make her feel like she’s “Number One.”
5. Share/communicate your feelings.

I can feel our male readership cringing from here. Don’t worry guys; it’s not as painful as it sounds! The above are guidelines – you’re still allowed to intrinsically be yourself. After all, that’s whom your girlfriend (or wife) fell for in the first place.

What this list entails are actions to refer to as your relationship goes along. It means checking in, communicating and not taking your awesome mate for granted. It also means, as you continue to treat her well, that you can expect the same from her. Again, it’s not about a tit-for-tat exchange of favors – it’s about consistently treating each other with love and respect.

How To Make Sure She Stays In Love

What does marking her birthday with a thoughtful gift; planning date nights and washing the dishes get you? Unconditional love, foot rubs when you need them and a steady flow of sex with someone you adore. That doesn’t sound too bad! And remember, for every Valentine’s Day there’s a Steak & Blowjob Day just around the corner.

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