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Top 7 financial priorities everyone should have

Every day, every time, people spend money on things that attract and dominate their attention.

The decision you make on what to spend your money on at a particular time determines what you prioritise in your personal finance.

However, the money you make may be going down the drain if you don’t have some financial priorities. These priorities will determine what you value the most what you spend your money on and how you spend it. You can consider these seven financial priorities.

1. Living within your means

  If you do these 3 things, you have a serious spending problemSpending problem can seriously affect your personal finance.


Living within your means should be your number one priority as it prevents you from buying to keep up.

As the saying goes: Don’t go broke trying to look rich, act your wage. In other words, spend what you have on what you need not what you want.

2. Understanding your financial goals

Do you have no financial goals? It is important you have some. Dream big to lead an accomplished life.  Set the goals and work towards achieving them. Nothing will stop you from achieving your dreams as long as you put them into considerations in your financial planning.

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