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Wendy Williams Weeps As She Apologises For Victim-Blaming Nelly Rape Accuser


Wendy Williams caught a lot of flak last night after her sensitive comments directed at the 21-year-old who accused rapper Nelly of raping her last Saturday.

Speaking in an episode of The Wendy Williams Show, the talk show blamed the accuser for putting “herself in that situation,” saying that women risk getting raped when they get on tour buses.

“If she did not put herself in that situation, this wouldn’t have happened,” Wendy said, adding, “Young lady, you’ve got to stay out of tour buses.”

Check it out below starting at the 12-minute mark:

It wasn’t long before folks hopped on social media to drag the show host for filth, eliciting a response from her.

Wendy clarifies that she isn’t blaming the victim for the incident, but she feels that women should be careful of the spaces they expose themselves to. Wendy also told her personal story, how as a 13-year-old she looked like a ‘woman’ and so endured assault from men.

“I apologise if my message was met with carelessness, but what I meant to say is: ‘Young ladies, we should be able to go wherever we want to go, but we always have to know where the exits are, we always have to have our $20 bill, just in case. And we have to be aware’. That is all I’m saying. I apologise.”

Swipe to watch her complete apology:



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