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Women: How To Have More Orgasms

During the few times you’ve managed to reach a climax with your lover, it felt GREAT, right?

So why not apply a few tactics to guarantee the process to bliss? How? Easy. Just learn MORE regarding your own body. The more you know about what makes you tic sexually, the sooner your climax will be. I asked a few sexuality experts to help us out and following are their wonderful tips. Try them all and figure out which one works best for you. Who knows, they may ALL work for you.


Self-Pleasuring 101

Firstly, engage a little ALONE time naked. As you stimulate yourself, concentrate to the state of your mind and how your body reacts up until you reach your climax. Later, when you are with your man, try to re-create these moves.

It’s also imperative to develop an exciting mood. The idea is to establish a scenario that supports a very sexy mindset. For example, sure, you may know what ‘moves’ to apply to induce orgasm but if you open your eyes and see clutter all around, that will zap your sexual mood. Try soft pillows, scented candles, and soft, romantic music. Find out what ambiance works for you and go about ‘staging it’.

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